Acid attack condolence and Rally for the cause

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 @ 8:09PM

Lok Satta Party expresses its deepest condolences to the bereaved family of the acid attack victim Ms. Vidhya. This incident has happened even before we could console ourselves over the death of Vinodhini, an acid attack victim. These incidents instill a fear in us that these may continue and seriously undermine the morale of girl students and working women.

The availability of acids to anti-social elements should be reduced. Currently dangerous and concentrated acids are easily available in the open market. Licensing should be introduced in acid sales and we should make sure it is being sold only for legitimate purposes. If any attacks happen with unlicensed acids, the seller too should be punished for the same. The necessary steps to achieve the above should be initiated by the Government and should be implemented by the police. Acid manufacturers also should be responsible and should monitor the distribution, storage and sales of acids which they produced.

Punishments should be increased to those who are convicted in acid attack cases. The recommendations of 226th Law commission report and Justice Verma commission report on acid attacks should be implemented. Sections 326A and 326B, which recommends stringent punishments in acid attack cases should be included in IPC.

The victims in acid attacks undergo physical and mental sufferings throughout their lifetime. They isolate themselves from the society. The State and Central governments should form a corpus fund to provide them free medical support, rehabilitation support and legal support.

We should also contemplate on methods to prevent these types of untoward incidents in future. The psychology behind these incidents is the objectification of women by the society. Only gender equality and women empowerment would shatter this dogma.

The Lok Satta Party for the cause of demanding the government to control acid sales, implement 326A and 326B for speedy trails and stringent punishments and to spread awareness on women empowerment is organizing a rally on March 3rd, 2013 (Sunday) 6 AM to 8 AM in Marina beach. You are requested to support us for this cause by joining this rally.

Preventing any such incidents in the future would be the true homage to Vinodhini and Vidhya.

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