Lok Satta Party reiterates Assembly live telecast demand

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 @ 9:36PM

The suspension of 6 DMDK MLAs for one year, which has been subsequently reduced to 6 months, for allegedly attacking another DMDK MLA Mr. Michael Rayappan has attracted widespread discussions from the political fraternity and the media.

But majority of these discussions are centered on the severity of punishment, what-next for the MLAs, their eligibility to vote in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections and so on. Opposition parties have staged a walk-out, attributing this decision to political vendetta. But no discussion has been made on the veracity of the accusations against the MLAs. Because we don’t have any chance to get to know what actually happens in the Assembly complex.

The suspended MLAs opined that only edited video clippings were released and truth will emerge only if the entire video proceedings of the Assembly are released without any editing. Earlier during the suspension of the opposition party leader Mr. Vijayakanth, it was informed that his conduct in assembly was rude and unruly but no supporting details were provided. This brings us serious apprehensions that in most cases the video clippings are edited to convenience before being released. Only videos which show the ruling party in a good light are released and important discussions are often not released to the general public.

It is the onus of the Speaker to justify the decision taken in this issue. All the video proceedings relevant to this issue should be released without any edits. Lok Satta Party Tamil Nadu would like to reiterate its long pending demand of Assembly live telecast to ensure transparency in Assembly proceedings.

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