Lok Satta Party files case against State Information Commission in Madras High Court

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 @ 11:33AM

Lok Satta Party, Tamil Nadu makes constant endeavors to ensure transparent and good governance across the state. One such attempt is to monitor the functioning of Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Ltd and to ensure transparency in its implementation.

chennai-high-courtMr. Palani kumar, District Secretary of Lok Satta Party had earlier filed a petition under RTI with the Public Information Officer of Arasu Cable TV, Tiruppur and on receiving no reply this was appealed to the Appellate authority of Arasu Cable TV, Tiruppur.

This petition was taken to the State Information Commission as there was no proper response from the Appellate authority. Even after six months and despite reminders, we had not received any updates on our petition.

Mr. Palani kumar has filed a writ petition with the Madras High Court against the State Information Commission requesting to direct the commission to provide the necessary information.

The writ petition number 8114 (Year 2013) has been taken up for hearing today in Court number 8 as Item number 6.

Mr. Palanikumar can be reached at 8608822667.

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