Lok Satta Party condemns defamation case against RTI activist

Friday, October 25th, 2013 @ 8:36PM

Angusam-Tamil-Movie-TrailerThe Lok Satta Party condemns the defamation case filed against Mr. Manu Kannan, director of Angusam a movie aimed at spreading awareness about RTI

Earlier Mr.Manu Kannan had applied for tax exemption for the movie and his petition was held up for more than a month for want of bribe. It was reported that the PA of the Minister of Commercial taxes had approached him seeking a bribe of Rs 5 lakh to give tax exemption for the movie.

Lok Satta Party raised an online petition to consider the tax exemption petition for the movie and filed RTI seeking details regarding the same. The tax exemption certificate was delivered the next day. However a defamation suit has also been filed against Mr. Manu Kannan by the government.

Lok Satta Party finds this defamation suit as a mockery of natural justice. The government will become a laughing-stock if it takes action an activist who is fighting against corruption and bribery, instead of taking action against the corrupt. The Lok Satta Party demands an investigation on the accusation made by Mr. Manu Kannan on the Commercial taxes minster and his PA. The government should take further action only after the investigation is completed.

Lok Satta would like to reiterate its stand on supporting RTI activists and whistle-blowers. Lok Satta stands by its commitment of empowering the common man by propagandizing the RTI act. It is also to be noted that Lok Satta is the first and only political party to appoint Public Information officer and Appellate authority under the act.

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