Right to Services Act demand intensifies

Sunday, November 24th, 2013 @ 7:44AM

D.Jagadheeswaran state President of Lok Satta Party presided over the agitation that took place today at near Chepauk Guest House. The around 50 people who joined the agitation including members, public got inspired by the speakers even more and pledged to intensify the demand.

Jagadheeswaran said that till the new law is enacted the campaign for the demand of new law will be taken up continuously in various forums. He demanded that the government should enact the bill in the upcoming session of the State assembly.

Mahesh, Research wing secretary of LSP TN spoke about the impact of the act in 16 states. He made a special mention of Bihar where more than a crore was paid back as compensation to the public. More over he said that election method we use is at the roots of all the corruption. But laws like this that introduces checks and balances in the democratic process there by denying uninitialized power to root will work in the longer term..

Activists like Nallor vattam Baalu, India Against Corruption’s Venkat and Arvind, Voice of Indian Balasubramanian, IMHRO Mohan participated the agitation and expressed their support for spreading RTs awaness.They stressed on the importance of the law and appreciated the sincere efforts taken by Lok Satta Party.


Photos from the event

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November 25, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Lok Satta initiate implementation of RTI and succeeded. So RTS will also come into force with all Lok Sattas efforts.

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