Anti-liquor activist prevented from entering Chennai – Lok Satta Condemns Police action

Friday, December 27th, 2013 @ 10:27PM

Demands ‘Rigorous liquor control’ and Police reforms

Nandini with her father

Nandini with her father

Lok Satta Party condemns the Tamil Nadu police for their action against an anti-liquor activist Ms. Nandhini, a law college student. Ms. Nandhini had earlier planned to launch a hunger strike campaign demanding total prohibition in the state. The police intercepted them before they could enter Chennai, arrested them and thereby prevented them from entering the Capital City. The police has not allowed the activists to conduct their hunger strike campaign anywhere in the state.

This action of police is clearly a violation of the Fundamental Rights – ‘Freedom of movement’ and Freedom of Expression’, which are guaranteed by our constitution.

Every matured democracy guarantees the ‘Rights of Nonviolent resistance’ to its citizens. A peaceful protest led by a small group of activist will capture the interest of people. This interest will be converted into a mass movement thereby attracting the attention of the government. Such peaceful protests will reflect the demands of the society and will guide the government in making its policies. Thus people’s interests are made into policies and this is the very idea of a democracy. Annihilating such peaceful protests in their budding stage is against the principles of democracy and will eventually lead to dictatorship.

In the colonial era, the police department served to protect the interests of their masters to suppress citizens and to prevent any dissent. After our independence, our Founding Fathers wanted the police department to be a organ of state to serve and protect ordinary citizens. But these incidents remind us of happenings in the colonial era and also insists the importance and need of police reforms to make it more independent and effective.

It is the responsibility of the government to make laws keeping the welfare of the state and its citizens in mind. Had the government implemented ‘Rigorous liquor control policies’ in the state, the need for such protests would not have arisen in the first place. These kind of protests will be perceived as the government’s failure in doing its duties. The Lok Satta Party demands that liquor be treated as a social evil and ‘Rigorous Liquor control’ laws be implemented in the state to protect the poor from the menace of liquor.

The party also requests the Tamil Nadu police to allow peaceful protests and thereby maintaining law and liberty in the state. The party requests the Tamil Nadu government to implement the ‘police reforms’ suggested by Lok Satta Party.

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JP Prabhakar
December 28, 2013 at 11:25 am

Apriciat Lok satta intrested in anti liqueur and curruption

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