Dark and unsafe streets of Mandaveli

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 @ 6:47PM

As we got complaints about streets filled with darkness and non functioning street lamps from ladies in Pattinappakkam, a team comprising of Women’s wing members of Mylapore and other organizers of the Lok Satta Party went to the area to ascertain the situation. As we found the state pathetic and negligence of authorities we went ahead with a complaint and resolved to fight till the entire Mylpore areas streets get lit up. Here is the gist of our findings and photographs from the visit.

1. There is a lone road for the entire many 100 residents of PRO quarters to reach Mandaveli for their every need. The road is completely dark at night and dangerous. Chain snatching incidents happen and police officer’s families have even fallen helpless victims. Inside the quarters too several streets are dark. 50% lights are dysfunctional
2. Mandavelipakkam Norton Road, Trust cross streets are also have half the lights turned off. Norton 3rd street has no single light in working state.
3. The state is same in other areas of Mandaveli too.
4. In several streets though street lights were on, since tree branches were not pruned or maintained which is also Corporation’s responsibility, the lights proves useless.

This shows that Corporation has neglected Women’s safety and behaving irresponsibly. We demand on behalf of people that Teynampet and Adyar zones should transparently declare the funds spent on street lights in the last few years and also take action to fix the lights and also the erring officials immediately.

Photos which also show nos of lamps that are not functioning:

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