Read the writing on the wall and quit Immediately, Dr. JP tells Manmohan

Sunday, December 8th, 2013 @ 9:02PM

Lok Satta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today demanded that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh resign immediately as he has lost the moral right to rule the country even for a day longer. The sooner he quits the better it is for the politics, economy and governance of the country.

Addressing a media conference on the outcome of the Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh Assembly elections, Dr. JP asked the Prime Minister to appreciate that the people have unequivocally rejected the Congress which has ruined the economy, divided the country, and is steeped in monumental corruption and dynastic politics.

Dr. JP said that the Aam Admi Party’s spectacular show marks the beginning of the end of traditional politics. It is a victory for the movement launched by the Lok Satta Party 17 years ago for ushering in alternative politics. The traditional parties should introspect and mend their politics instead of viewing AAP’s performance as a political challenge. They should recognize that the days of garnering votes through vote buying, fielding criminals and perpetuating dynasties are over.

Dr. JP said that people were seething with indignation over UPA rule for more than nine years now. It was for the first time after 1977 — barring the 1984 extraordinary election in the wake of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination — that people had given a second term for the ruling party.  UPA’s failures have been colossal. It has failed to fulfill its promises on providing quality education and healthcare, eradicating poverty, creating livelihood opportunities, decentralizing administration and mitigating corruption. The economy is in a shambles. To cite one instance, power projects involving an investment of Rs.4,80,000 crore are stalled for want of clearances and gas and coal.

People’s resentment against the Congress is so deep that they roundly defeated the Shiela Dikshit’s Government despite its relatively better performance and decimated it in Rajasthan. And they rewarded the relatively good BJP Governance in both Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The BJP’s victories cannot be attributed to a single person like Mr. Narender Modi and added that success has many fathers.

Dr. JP, who whole-heartedly congratulated the Aam Admi Party and its President Arvind Kejriwal, said the Lok Satta felt proud of its achievement in Delhi because it represented a triumph of alternative politics pioneered by the Lok Satta.  The AAP debut is compelling in that it could withstand the money power, influence and organizational strength of traditional parties.

Although the Lok Satta has been the architect of many reforms, it has failed in marketing its accomplishments. It has been in the forefront in the movements for ensuring remunerative prices to farmers, restricting liquor consumption, decentralization of administration and per capita devolution of funds on local bodies, formation of village courts and extension of Government services to citizens as a matter of right. Yet, it has not mastered the art of taking its successes to people and succeed in elections like the AAP. It will have to attract poorer sections without committing any mistakes in the process.

Dr. JP said the cosmopolitan nature of Delhi and its high per capita incomes and it being the epicenter of agitations against corruption and atrocities on women have enabled the AAP to stage its impressive show.

In reply to a question, Dr. JP said that the Lok Satta would think of electoral alliances if they were to help it accomplish its goals and pursue its agenda.

Dr. JP said that one heartening feature of the elections in the four States is that people who have hitherto detested politics and politicians have exercised their franchise.

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