List of Candidates for Internal Election 2014

Thursday, February 20th, 2014 @ 5:51PM

Nominations received so far for the internal election to be held on March 2, 2014:

Post Candidates
President Easwaran [Nomination] [Profile]
Varadharajan [Nomination] [Profile]
Palani Kumar [Nomination] [Profile]
General Secretary Serma Selvaraj [Nomination] [Profile]
Jagadheeswaran [Nomination] [Profile]
Vice President – Youth Wing Kumar [Nomination]
Pradeep [Nomination] [Profile]
Vice President – Women’s Wing Vani Surulimuthu [Nomination]
Spokesperson Narayanan [Nomination]
Secretary – Organization Ravichandran [Nomination] [Profile]
Mahendran [Nomination]
Jai Ganesh [Nomination]
Secretary – Events Senthilkumar [Nomination]
Thirumoorthi [Nomination] [Profile]
Secretary – Membership Mohamed Ashik [Nomination] [Profile]
Paarthiban [Nomination] [Profile]
Secretary – Technical Vignesh Nandha Kumar [Nomination]
Secretary – Publication Shunmuga Anandam [Nomination]
Secretary – Training Gopalasamy [Nomination]
Chandrasekar [Nomination] [Profile]
Secretary – Research & Advocacy Yuvaraj [Nomination]
Secretary – Legal Saravana Kumar [Nomination]
ML Ravi [Nomination] [Profile]

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