RTE awareness campaign in TN – Election Model code of conduct not a showstopper​​

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 @ 9:32PM

Loksatta Party demands that the Tamil Nadu government should proactively spread awareness about the Right To Education act in the state without evading its responsibility citing the Election Model code of conduct as an excuse.

Right to Education

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Earlier the team of social activists headed by Mr. ‘Paadam’ Narayanan gave a representation to the Secretary of Department of School education Mrs. Sabitha to address the practical issues in the effective implementation of this act in Tamil Nadu. However we were informed that the Election Model code of conduct prevents the Government from taking any action in this regard.

Loksatta state President Mr. Palanikumar and General Secretary Mr. Jagadheeswaran today met Special Election Officer Mr. Karthik and requested him to exempt RTE awareness campaigns from the Model code of Conduct as education is a fundamental right. Mr. Karthik has confirmed that the Election Model code of Conduct has already been relaxed and nothing prevents the Government from organizing RTE awareness campaigns in Tamil Nadu. Based upon this confirmation, the party demands that the government should proactively spread awareness about RTE act without any delay.

Also the consortium of Private schools has announced that they will be suspending student admissions under the 25% reservation, as the government has not reimbursed the fee amount for the past two years. The total amount pending for reimbursement for the two years is 25 Crores. The government spends thousands of Crores for freebie schemes and its reluctance to pay this amount for school education is appalling and this shows the lethargic attitude of the government in implementing this act.

The party demands that government should show its commitment to the efficient implementation of the RTE act by reimbursing the private schools immediately. The government should note that in the Quality of Education, Tamil Nadu ranks at the bottom when compared with other countries of the world and should take relevant steps to improve the quality.Right to Education

Our representation to the Election commissioner is attached here.

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