Update : Demanding action against the officials who employed Child Labourers in Chromepet MTC depot

Sunday, September 21st, 2014 @ 8:57AM

Loksatta Party condemns the action of MTC officials who denied entry to party members to meet the General Manager of MTC. Party members planned to meet the GM to seek action against the officials who employed child labourers in MTC Chromepet depot. MTC officials also made fictitious claims that Child labourers have never been employed in their depot. When Loksatta members requested for relevant documents to prove their claim, MTC authorities rejected the request.

Loksatta members also agitated in MTC premises demanding action against the errant officials who employed child labourers. Please find attached the picture of agitation.


Loksatta Party also wishes to express its gratitude to Media which supported today’s agitation.

The party resolves to involve into Child labour related issues in the future.

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