Former CM Jayalalitha’s verdict and other immediate measures that have to be done further

Friday, October 10th, 2014 @ 9:38PM

JayalalithaaLoksatta Party welcomes the Sep 27 Judgement and the denial of bail plea to Ms. Jayalalitha in the disproportionate assets case. The party feels that this verdict will instill fear among corrupt politicians and is a right step in cleansing politics.

The verdict will increase the faith of judiciary among the general public. However it took 18 long years to finish the trial and appeals might take few more years. This inordinate delay is clearly because of political intervention in the case investigation and adds merit to Loksatta’s demand for an independent investigation agency and police reforms.

The party would like to reiterate its demand for LokAyuktha courts for high profile cases and cases which deals with huge amount of corruption amount.

Loksatta condemns the bringing Cauvery issue and Karnataka as Motives behind this Judgement. Loksatta also condemns maligning Judiciary and at the same time appreciates the Judiciary. Judiciary is continuing an admirable job to weed out Corruption from this country.

On the other hand, the party condemns the violent protesters who has damaged public properties and has been causing various disruptions to public following the conviction. The party demands strict action against the perpetrators.

The general public should not be made to suffer in a democratic country like ours. We live in a democratic system. Rule of law is supreme, not of individuals. If we regard individuals as supreme and that law does not apply to them, we will no longer have democracy or liberty. It is possible we admire some people a great deal, it is our right but admiration for individuals must not lead to a situation where the rule of law itself is undermined.

  1. ​Portraits and pictures of the convict Selvi. Jayalalitha should be removed from all the government offices and government projects. Loksatta made this demand right on Sep 28 and even after other parties followed suit, a convicted person’s portraits continue in Govt Offices. Also Jayalalitha’s pictures being used for other Govt schemes – Amma Water, Amma Canteen, Amma Salt, and Amma Medicals must be stopped immediately.
  2. Police department should have acted proactively in controlling the riots. Going further the police should be prepared for such incidents. There are corruption cases pending on the leaders of DMK as well and the state might face similar situation again. The Police should not be an organ of the ruling or the opposition party but should work for the public.
  3. TASMAC liquor shops should be closed in advance in case of riot indication.
  4. A strong ‘LokAyuktha’ should be established in the state to investigate corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Even though the Aavin Milk scam and the involvement of Ministers and Officials is known, there is no system is place which can upon them. Even though it is known that within 365 days of passing LokPal, LokAyuktha bill should be passed in the States, Tamilnadu is not paying due attention to it. We hope the new Govt will immediately start working towards it.
  5. Special courts should be established to handle high profile corruption cases and cases which deals with huge amount of corruption amount.
  6. Political parties should establish a process to facilitate removal of convicts from the parties as in other advanced democracies. A party becoming directionless after its General Secretary is convicted brings into light the pathetic Internal Democracy in parties in Tamilnadu.
  7. Arasu Cable stopped the telecast of media news regarding the conviction and judgment. This particularly happened for Puthiya Thalaimurai, Sun News, Kalaignar Seithigal and Thanthi. This is clearly interference in media’s freedom. The party reminds its demand that government should exit from Cable TV business.
  8. There is an unannounced power cut in most part of the state on Sep 27 & 28. The party demands an explanation from TANGEDCO authorities.
  9. It is disheartening to see inaction of the police department in controlling the riots. The police department should understand the difference between State and Government, and strictly stick to their primary duty of maintaining Law & Order in the state without succumbing to the pressure from the ruling party.
  10. It is increasingly becoming a trend that anti-social elements damage public properties for their personal problems. Hefty fines should be collected from such rioters as compensation for the damage. Strict action should be taken by the police irrespective of whether the crime is committed by individuals or in groups.
  11. At the same time strict action must be taken against the Ministers, Member of Parliament and State Assembly who debased Justice Cunha and the Judiciary through banners and wall posters. People spreading false news in the Social Media must also be monitored and action should be taken. Judiciary should also take ‘Suo Motto’ action on these miscreants.
  12. The banner culture without any permission which is causing a huge nuisance to the public must be stopped immediately. Banners which would come up every time the DA case comes up in Higher courts must be stopped prior and action should be taken on them.

Ever since Ms. Jayalalitha was convicted on Sep 27, ADMK cadre has been disturbing the traffic and all public places. By forcing the shops to be shut down, they have been causing huge loss to the shopkeepers as well. All these agitations were conducted without prior permission and the Police has not taken any action on them till date. Only strict and speedy action will ensure this does not happen in the future.

Even other organisations and private institutions are being forced to take part in the protests. Causing a great discomfort to the people returning after the Saraswati Pooja (Dussehra) holidays, all private buses were forced to stop service on Oct 5. Similarly, the vendors in Koyambedu market have been forced to shut down on Oct 7. Most of the private schools remained closed on Oct 7, even after the intervention of courts.

The police department who is supposed to maintain the law and order has been acting subservient to the ADMK cadre. The police keeps on being unprepared even on the bail hearing days, as they were on the day of original conviction (Sep 27).

When other political leaders like Lalu, Yeddurappa and Chauthala had a similar fate the other states did not see this farce.

It’s important to put an end to these activities causing anxiety continuously and to stop the mockery of democracy.

The world has got a different picture about Tamilnadu in the past 12 days which is crest-fallen. It is the duty of everyone to bring back our glory.

For long all Indians, particularly young Indians have been concerned about corruption. Sadly, far too many people in public life are corrupt. There are many more whose acts of corruption and abuse of power are far more serious. It is sad that some of her political rivals celebrated the conviction of Ms. Jayalalitha. That is a shameful, hypocritical and cowardly response. Many of these so called leaders will be in jail if their acts of corruption are unearthed and evidence painstakingly gathered.That they are not convicted does not make them saints. But in all this, the people of TN must realize that much more at stake than partisan political rivalries and admiration for and fierce loyalty to a leader.

We must root out corruption at all costs. It is the poor and ordinary people who are the cruel victims of cancerous corruption. It is the corruption of our leaders that has bred a culture in which the local employee in a government office, the policeman on the street, the tax official, the court clerk and many other public servants feel it is their birth right to collect the bribe for a service we all are entitled to. If we condone corruption of political leaders because we admire them, then we have to suffer every day corruption that we face practically everywhere.

All of us must wake up from this slumber, we must recognize we have lives beyond political parties and elections. The parties and governments exist for us. We do not exist for them. They are there to serve our purpose and make our lives better.

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