Second anniversary of Nirbhaya remembered by candle light vigil

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 @ 10:11PM

It has been two years since a Delhi woman ‘Nirbhaya’ died due to rape and physical assault. Loksatta Party remembers the tragic event by conducting a candle light vigil at 6 PM tonight at Marina beach.

After the incident there was widespread outrage and new laws were enacted. But the rape count has only increased every year. Per National Criminal Records Bureau, reported rapes in Tamilnadu for the years 2011-13 are 677, 737, and 923 respectively. NCRB says sexual harassment has increased too.

Only 20% of accused are convicted among these cases. This results in impunity for criminals and hence rise in crime. Loksatta demands the state and Union governments that police and judicial reforms are implemented to improve the justice system in India.

Today’s vigil is not only a remembrance for Nirbhaya but also an avenue to remind the civil society and the government that we have a long way to go. Crimes will not reduce without an efficient & speedy police and judiciary.

16-Dec-2014 18:49
16-Dec-2014 18:49

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