Loksatta Party District HQ office inauguration and Press meet

Sunday, February 15th, 2015 @ 10:31AM

Loksatta Party’s Tiruppur district chapter is working on anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities in a commendable manner for 3 years now. To work more effectively and to focus more on public issues, we are opening a district office building in Angeripalayam,Tiruppur.

National president of Loksatta Party Mr.Surendra Srivatsava presided the function. Following the inauguration function, a meeting with party members was held. State president Mr. Palani Kumar, Tiruppur district president Mr. Palpandi and other state and district office bearers participated in the meeting.

5 major goals LokSatta Party wants to usher in:

Service Guarantee Law, ensuring time bound service delivery in government offices, with compensation to the citizen for delay.

Improving Education outcomes by Creation of Central Testing boards that evaluate outcomes in schools and creating competition between public and private schools by funding students as a unit and not schools. (India ranked 73 out of 74 countries in ranking of children at Age group 15 in programme for International Student Assessment. ASER survey every year indicates that our outcomes are appalling in Reading, writing and basic maths).

To create a Universal Health Care at moderate costs involving both public and private players, in the lines of National Health Services in UK.

Empowering local governments, with a per-capita fund of Rs1000/year.

Ensuring Rule of law by creating Local Courts which can handle petty crimes by summary trial, thereby unclogging upper courts and via other Police and Judicial reforms.

In the meeting today, we resolved that we will strengthen the Right to Services Campaign in Tiruppur and fight for an Unattached Rs.1000 per capita fund available to the Wards, so that the local people can prioritize and spend.

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