​​​​Loksatta Party condemns the arrest of Traffic Ramasamy

Saturday, March 14th, 2015 @ 3:09PM

Loksatta Party condemns the arrest of Social activist Mr. Traffic Ramasamy in a false foisted case based on frivolous allegations.

The party is aggrieved by the ill-treatment meted out to him. A renowned social activist is treated like a criminal and it is obvious that this arrest is an act of vengeance from the very way he is been treated by the police. An octogenarian is arrested at 4 AM in the morning, paraded half-naked without footwear to the Magistrate’s place and is now hospitalized. These are all human right violations and the we would like to point out the criticism of the Madras High Court in this regard.

Instead of harassing an innocent social activist, police and government should focus on important issues like establishing rule of law in the state and protecting Media’s freedom from fundamentalist fringe groups. The police and government should take steps to remove illegally hoisted banners and pictures of the convict former CM Ms. Jayalalitha from government offices and schemes.

The party demands the immediate release of Mr. Traffic Ramasamy and action to be taken against the police officers involved in this arrest.​ We wish Mr. Traffic Ramasamy a ​​​speedy recovery.​

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