IAS officer DK Ravi’s Death – Condolences from LSP – Silencing him cannot silence the fight

Thursday, March 19th, 2015 @ 10:35AM

D K Ravi IASIAS officer DK Ravi’s death in Karnataka is a terrible tragedy. A young life full of promise for the nation is snuffed out prematurely.Our deep condolences to his family, friends and everyone that he made a difference to by his work.

Clearly his death is linked to his heroic work to protect public interest. It is either homicide or suicide from unbearable pressure.Either way, there must be swift, credible, thorough investigation to unearth the truth. And his unfinished task must be completed.

Government and commercial taxes department must make public the report on tax evasion by realtors. His death must not go in vain.If senior civil services, anti-corruption agencies, police & courts do their duty, we would not lose heroes like Ravi, Satyendra Dubey Mahantesh or Manjunath.

We need to strengthen institutions. We cannot put the burden of protecting public interest on a few valiant officials. Many more must join.Genuine public outpouring shows how much people yearn for integrity & competence. Officials must take courage from such public support.

Silencing DK Ravi should not mean silencing the fight he was fighting.

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