TamilNadu Policing Status – International Day Against Police Brutality

Sunday, March 15th, 2015 @ 10:24PM

The International Day Against Police Brutality is observed today. Even though Police Brutality occurs every now and then at some place, the past 1 week happenings in Tamilnadu due to the Police Brutality makes us think more on this.

The Visually Challenged Graduates have been protesting for a week now and the Police Department have been very brutal in handling them. This protest which started in 2012 and became aggressive last year had similar scenes throughout Tamilnadu where the Police man-handled the Visually Challenged, used force and dropped them in the outskirts of the city every time they got arrested so that they will not protest the net day. Some of the women graduates were even sexually harassed by some of the policemen.

But nothing has changed and the same scenes have been repeating for the past 1 week even after the Judiciary has warned the Police Department and asked them to handle them with care. The Visually Challenged graduates who participated in the agitation in Trichy were dropped near a forest area and the Police have literally abused them using Offensive language.

The People of Tamilnadu also saw the brutality of TN Policemen when Social Activist Traffic Ramasamy was arrested and man-handled last week.

​One major reason for this brutality are the ruling Govt which thinks force is the right weapon to suppress any democratic protest. The Policemen think they have to be faithful to them and not to the Common Public and indulge in all sort of brutal attacks.

To put a full stop to all this, the Supreme Court gave important recommendations to the Police Department in 2006 in the Prakash Singh vs Union Of India Judgement and TN Government after failing to do so for 7 years implemented a namesake “Police Reforms” in 2013 just to cheat the SC.

Loksatta party, in addition to condemning all these attacks demands the Minister – the Chief Minister in this case to “function” and deliver his duties to the people of Tamilnadu on this International Day Against Police Brutality.

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