Loksatta Party condemns the arrest of RTI activist on false charges

Sunday, April 19th, 2015 @ 7:58PM

Loksatta Party condemns the arrest of Mr. Kamalhassan an RTI activist from Polampadi town of Perambalur district on false charges.

Mr. Kamalhassan has been arrested on charges of trying to prevent an government authority from performing his duty. This provision in law which is established to enable government officers to perform their duty efficiently is abused and used against social activists who find fault with the authorities.

It is to be noted that Police authorities refused to take the compliant of Mr. Kamalhassan when he gave the compliant against the government authorities. This attitude of taking complaints selectively in an biased manner is rampant in the state. This is debasing the faith in the Police department and alienating the general public from the police. The party recommends taking complaints through online. Though it is implemented in few police stations, it is observed that the complaints received through online are not taken seriously. Loksatta Party reiterates its demand of installing CCTV cameras in Police stations.

The party demands the immediate release of Mr. Kamalhassan. We request Media to support social activists in their crusade against atrocities.

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