Four years of ADMK rule – Atrocity, Deficiency and Corruption

Saturday, May 16th, 2015 @ 8:58PM

The current ADMK government enters its 5th year of their tenure today. Loksatta Party’s assessment of the government’s performance over the last 4 years follows.


The government is spending a significant amount for education every year. However there is no noticeable improvement in the quality of education in the state. This is obvious from the ASER reports published every year. The report also says that only 68 percent of schools have usable toilets for girls. However the government has blatantly lied that all the schools in the state have useable toilets. The amount pending to be distributed to private schools for implementing Right to Education Act (RTE) is very less when compared with the overall budget allocation for education. The government’s hesitation in distributing the amount shows that the government is not actually interested in implementing the act.

Transparency in governance

Transparency and Decentralization are important aspects of good governance. The current government and Tamil Nadu State Information Commission (SIC) deliberately hinder the implementation of the Right to Information act (RTI) in the state. RTI activists face excessive delay in getting information and when appealed to the SIC, RTI activists are humiliated by the Information Commissioners. The appointment of Information Commissioners is supposed to be non-partisan, however there are instances where AIADMK party leaders are appointed as Information Commissioners.

Government Service delivery

There is no change in the quality of government service delivery when compared with the previous government. General public face enormous delay in getting basic government services and bribery is very common in government offices. Loksatta Party leaders Mr. Jagadheeswaran and Mr. Jai Ganesh went for a Bike Trip throughout Tamil Nadu to spread awareness about ‘Right To Services’ act. They have observed that bribery and delay in getting government services are typical in all the districts. However the government has responded that public services are delivered properly in response to a case filed in the Madras High Court demanding ‘Right To Service’ act.


There is no institution like ‘Lok Ayukta’ to eliminate corruption happening in higher levels of government. Corruption in ministry level in the state spreads to next level, pushing honest officials, who are unwilling to yield to corruption, to commit suicide. The 4 years of rule has witnessed many corruption cases like Aavin corruption, Egg procurement corruption, Udankudi power plant corruption, Corruption in recruitment and transfer of government officials and corruption complaints against ministers and IAS officers. However no action has been taken in these cases. Tamil Nadu is one of the few states which don’t have Lok Ayukta in spite of the mandate by the centre.

Industry / Jobs

The current government has failed to create a business friendly environment to attract investors. Corruption and lack of infrastructure are primary reasons. Though there is a demand of 15,000 MW of electricity, the production is only 12,000 MW. A total of more than 31,000 Crores was committed as MOUs from May 2011, however only 14,000 Crores has been materialized so far as actual investments. Even in industrial production, 60% of the total production is only in the areas 150 Km from Chennai and other districts are largely neglected. Even the investor meet has been postponed for political benefits of the ruling party.

There are several instances of Law and Order failure in the state and the government has failed in protecting freedom of expression in this tenure. The police department hasn’t taken any action to control the violence orchestrated by thugs belonging to ADMK when Ms. Jayalalitha was convicted in the DA case. Social activists were harassed with arrests and false cases. Media freedom was curtailed by Arasu cable as a tool.

The government tries to cover-up its failures by giving away freebies and sops which in turn distorts the market economy. The government issued advertisements with the theme ‘Peace, Prosperity and Development’ only to boost the image of ruling party and its leader. Loksatta Party would like to summarize the 4 years of tenure as ‘Atrocity, Deficiency and Corruption’.

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