Loksatta Party condemns violence by casteist elements to stop inter caste marriages

Monday, July 6th, 2015 @ 4:32PM

Loksatta Party condemns the violence perpetrated by casteist elements against inter-caste marriage couples. Loksatta Party urges the government and police to quell this violence with iron hand. Loksatta Party further urges political parties to condemn this. Loksatta Party advises youngsters to stop caste based marriage as that is the only solution to stop casteism in the nation.

Casteism is expressed more in villages than urban areas and inter caste marriages go a long way in curbing casteism. Murderous violence against inter caste couples especially if groom is a Dalit is increasing as evidenced by incidents involving Ilavarasan, Gokulraj and Sendhil.This is done not only to intimidate that particular couple but to create a ‘chilling effect’ on society intimidating other couples who want to marry out of caste.

Loksatta Party condemns this senseless casteism and calls upon government to ban any organisation that advocates violence. Choosing one’s life partner is a fundamental right. Loksatta Party condemns government and police for not protecting this right and asserts that this inaction by government is responsible for continued casteist murders. Loksatta Party urges government to act at least now to prevent further violence.

The only way to end this casteist violence is for youngsters to renounce caste and caste based marriages. Citizens should reject caste based political parties and vote for progressive parties. The current big parties keep an unfortunate silence fearing casteist vote banks. Keeping in mind the progressive name Tamil Nadu has earned, Loksatta Party urges people and political parties to abjure casteism and encourage inter-caste marriages.

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