​​Loksatta Party wishes the nation; calls for politics of transformation

Friday, August 14th, 2015 @ 9:57PM

Loksatta Party conveys its greetings to all Indians on India’s 69th Independence day. We should take this moment to critically examine if our goals of Independence are achieved and work towards course correction.

Loksatta Party President Surendra Srivastava in his Independence day message has said “Though we have all the freedom for education, transportation, business and in every field, we have miserably failed to alleviate poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.

India requires a transformation and this transformation is possible only by integrated actions simultaneously in the areas of agriculture and food processing, education and healthcare, infrastructure development including power, information and communication technologies.”

“However our politics is holding us back and we need serious political reforms.” he said.

Loksatta Party founder Dr. JP said “We happily disproved the forebodings of sceptics and doomsayers, and continue to endure as one nation united, and yet celebrating our rich diversity and preserving our liberty. Increasing urbanisation, growing middle classes and a vibrant young population unburdened by past baggage make our bonds of unity stronger everyday.

Unity and liberty alone are not sufficient. Our long-suffering people need prosperity, opportunity, true empowerment and a clean and efficient political and governance system that can help fulfil our aspirations and make us stand tall and proud. In these spheres, we have a long way to go​”

​”We have failed in a lot of things and we need a sense of urgency and purpose to overcome our failings. Democracy cannot be an alibi for failure. This is the time to resolve to re-engineer our instruments of state to make them a vibrant machine to take us to our destination. Our people deserve better lives; our children deserve greater opportunity, our nation deserves a pride of place in the world. It is time empty rhetoric and shibboleths give way to resolute action. It is never too late. If we now act, by 2022, when we complete 75 years of freedom, India can overcome all our shortcomings and march ahead unhindered. Let us aim at that goal and transform India. That is the only ambition worthy of our great national movement and our glorious civilisation.​” Dr. JP added.​

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