Corruption, Malpractise & Innovative Theft in Tamilnadu Transport Corporation

Sunday, August 9th, 2015 @ 8:27PM

‘Commuters rights movement’ (Payanippor Nala Sangam) has been working to address service delivery failures & other issues in public transport system. Loksatta Party Tamilnadu plays an important role in ‘Commuters rights movement’. The common public brought to us a few issues on the service deficiencies prevailing in Transport Department and we made field visits and surveys in routes and also files RTI’s to bring out the truth.

1) Government buses in all districts are collecting excess fares and not the fixed fares. Particularly Ordinary buses collect the charges of Deluxe/Express buses. For example, in the field observation conducted by our movement in Thiruvallur district, all Ordinary buses in the routes 197, 582, 582U, 82C, 171, 172, 173, 86, 105C collect Express bus charges instead of ordinary bus fares.

Route No. Type From To Distance Ordinary Fare Express Fare
197 Ordinary Thiruthani Thiruvalllur 42 km Rs.18 Rs.24
522 Ordinary Thiruvallur Uthukottai 27 km Rs.12 Rs.16
582 Ordinary Thiruvallur Uthukottai 27 km Rs.12 Rs.16
92 Ordinary Uthukottai Periyapalayam 18 km Rs. 8 Rs. 11

2) Express buses should stop only at the designated Bus stops unlike Ordinary buses which should stop at all Bus stops. However most of the Express buses stop at all bus stops, irrespective of collecting Excess Bus fares. The above mentioned routes in the 1st point operate that way.

Route No. Type From To Distance Ordinary Fare Express Fare
105C Express Thiruvallur Arakonam 34 km Rs.15 Rs.20
92 Express Uthukottai Redhills 42 km Rs. 18 Rs. 24
82C Express Thiruvallur Chengalpat 59 km Rs. 25 Rs. 34
171 Express Thriuvallur Gummidipoondi 51 km Rs. 22 Rs. 29

3) As per Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 section 246 (Part C), the total commute distance of Express buses should not be less than 80 Km. It also specifies that the distance between two stages should not be less than 25 Km. However these rules are not followed in the all express buses. The above mentioned routes in the 1st point are example for this violation.

Route No. Type From To Distance
522 Express Thiruvallur Uthukottai 27 km
105C Express Thiruvallur Arakonam 35 km
92 Express Uthukottai Periyapalayam 18 km

Stage of express services falling in short distances (less than 25 kms)

  1. Thiruthani – Chennai via Thiruvallur

  2. Uthukottai – Chennai via Periyapalayam

  3. Thiruvallur – Chengalpat via Sriperumbudur

  4. Kanchipuram – Chennai via Sriperumbudur

4) As per the notification of transport department, all bus route should be operated with 60% Ordinary and 40% Express and other buses. But at present 90% Express Buses & 10% Ordinary buses are operated. Likewise there are no Town buses operated in a few routes. For example in the Tiruttani – Kanagammal Sathiram, Oothukkottai- Periyapaalayam, Oothukkottai – Tiruvallur route there is no Town bus plied at all.

  1. Thiruvallur – Arakonam
  2. Thiruvallur – Sriperumbudur

Town services not operated

  1. Thiruvallur – Kanakamma Chatram (24 km)

  2. Thiruthani – Thomur (26 km)

  3. Uthukottai – Thiruvallur (27 km)

  4. Thiruvallur – Poonamallee (26 km)

  5. Thiruvallur – Avadi (22km)

  6. Thiruvallur – Thakkolam, (30 km)

  7. Thiruvallur – Periyapalayam. (30 km)

  8. Uthukottai – Periyapalayam (18km)

5) Other than this we allege the following: In the 16 Km stretch from Poonamalle to CMBT via Maduravoyal, the Govt fixed fare for the route is Rs.9. But all the government buses collect Rs. 14 as the fare against the fixed fare. So from eash passenger an excess of Rs.5 is collected.Buses ply approximately 400 times a day on this particular route and Govt Inappropriately collects approximately 80,000 a day (400 times * 40 Passengers (avg) * 5 rs). So for one year this amounts to 2 crores and 88 lakhs (80000 3012) and going by this account Govt has inappropriately collected 10 crore and 80 lakhs approximately till day. (This excess collection started from Nov 2011)

From To Via Distance Fare to be collected Current collection fare
Poonamallee Koyambedu Maduravoyal 16 km ₹9 ₹14
Poonamallee Koyambedu Porur,Guindy 24 km ₹14 ₹14

6) The transport department follows far greater distance than the distance provided by Highways department and collects excess fare accordingly. For example, as per the records of Highways department, the distance between Poonamalle Bus stand and Thiruvallur Bus stand is 25.8 Km. But the information given by the Transport department records say that the distance is 29 Km. Also This happens in most of the routes.

From To Transport Highway Diff
Kanchipuram Sriperumbudur 40 km 35 km 5 km
Thiruvallur Poonamallee 29 km 26 km 3 km
Koyambedu Thiruvanmiyur 26 km 17 km 9 km
Koyambedu Tirupati 152 km 167 km 15 km
Koyambedu Avadi 22 km 17 km 5 km
Thiruvallur Sriperumbudur 23 km 20 km 3 km
Thiruvallur Thiruthani 42 km 40 km 2 km

7) We also reliably understand that the transport authority without getting any permission operating some routes like as the services of 1 To 1 (One to One),1 TO 2, 1 TO 3, 1 TO 4, 1 TO 5, Deluxe.

8) We also came to know that Town Buses also are collecting Rs.4 in some routes and Rs.5 in some routes against the actual fare of Rs.3.

9) The local Private Buses also collect Express Fare instead of Ordinary fareWe sent the above as representation to Gov on 22.06.2014 and some of the officials of Respondent Corporation approached us and requested not to take any action and they will resolve the issue by placing the same before legislative assembly within 3 months but till date the grievance continue and the respondents are acting according to their whims and fancies and the public money is looted and the common man is cheated.

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