​​​​Loksatta opposes government entering Internet service business – Government should focus on priorities

Thursday, September 17th, 2015 @ 12:00PM

​Loksatta Party opposes the Tamil Nadu government’s announcement to give cheap internet services through Arasu Cable TV corporation. The party is of the opinion that government directly into the business of Internet services will turn inefficient and will be a waste of tax payers money.

Loksatta Party State President Mr. Palani Kumar in a statement has said “The government took over Cable business claiming that they will provide cheap and quality Cable TV services. However the ground reality is different. The Cable TV charges collected are always high than the charges fixed by the government. The ruling party men use this as a chance to extort money. They run TV channels without any licence through the local cable operators and the government controls media freedom through Arasu Cable. We cannot expect Arasu cable to provide quality internet services when it has failed in its primary purpose itself.”

When public sector organizations are struggling to provide internet services and are running in losses, the state government’s idea that the TN government can provide cheap and quality internet is a regressive move” he added.

Loksatta Party National spokesperson Mr. Jagadheeswaran mentioned “The state has failed to provide clean drinking water, toilets and electricity. It is trying to cover-up its failures with announcement of unviable projects.”

“Tamil Nadu is ranked 12th in the ‘Ease of doing business’ rankings released by the world bank. With these rankings how can we expect investors to invest in the state. If the government set these straight then more internet service providers will invest and with increased competition internet coverage penetration will increase and affordable internet for all will be a reality through market-forces. Government should focus on right priorities” he added.

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