Loksatta Demands CBI Probe Into the Death of Tiruchengode Dalit DSP Vishnupriya

Monday, September 21st, 2015 @ 7:31PM

Loksatta Party expresses its condolence for the bereaved family of Vishnupriya. It is unfortunate that we lost a young and honest officer.

DSP Vishnupriya has been handling the politically sensitive caste based homicide of Gokulraj and her colleagues allege interference in that case from superiors as the reason for her death. No agency can investigate its own members impartially. Loksatta demands that the investigation be handed over to Central Bureau of Investigation.

It is shocking that her colleagues allege interference into the case from senior police officials and tampering with her ‘suicide note’ & cell phone. Loksatta demands that the case of Gokulraj’s death also be moved to CBI and Vishnupriya’s immediate seniors be placed off-duty to prevent any tampering with evidence.

It has been well known that women in police department face sexual harassment from male colleagues. Her colleagues have alleged that other senior women officers have resigned due to harassment. Loksatta demands that TN set up independent body to investigate complaints against police officials.

Her colleagues have also alleged that she was pressured to arrest innocent people under Goondas act. Loksatta demands repeal of draconian Goondas act that provide for detention of people for long periods without trial. This is fundamentally incompatible with the constitutional freedoms guaranteed to Indian Citizens.

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