Changing a school to college at the cost of students future for political gain

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 @ 5:13AM

The Hon’ble Chief Minister Selvi. Jayalalitha has opened a new Government Arts and Science College in RK Nagar by video conferencing. In reality it is the greatest deceit as the college has been opened in a  corporation middle school campus. It is to be noted that opening a college in R.K Nagar is one of the salient promises in her election campaign. About 8 days before, the grand opening of Government Arts and Science College has been hastily organized and executed. The students have been prepared and admitted in the college without developing any basic infrastructure to run a college. This gesture is done only to cheat the people by projecting a fake development and to create publicity among the voters.

Although it is acceptable that, a college is essential in that area, the college opened without the basic infrastructure is worser than the previous scenario. It is ridiculous that the needs of the school students who have been already reserved in that space is not even addressed but a grand gesture to open a college in the same space is been made. Newly inaugurated college without any professors, lecturers, labs, curriculum and classrooms makes it a question of the day to assess the quality of education that will be offered in that college. It is also to be noted that all the norms to open a college has been completely ignored while opening this government college leads in judging the standard of education that will be offered here. 

Similarly, the Anna University Coimbatore has been opened in a closed rice mill. The students traveled at least 20 km from Coimbatore to take classes on special subjects and to use laboratories. Anna University Tirunelveli is opened in a private building with very few classrooms similar to an unauthorized private school.

Just to make the election agenda to come true the government is imposing a huge risk on the career of these students for their political gain. Loksatta Party strongly condemns this act and it believes that the college should be opened only after the completion of its construction by the allotted fund of Rs.8 Crores.

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