Loksatta Party opposes Madras High court judgment imposing dress code in Temples

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 @ 12:13PM

Loksatta is alarmed at the Madras High Court judgment trampling on the fundamental rights of citizens and encroaching upon legislative authority.

It is known that Madras High Court has imposed a regressive dress code on citizens entering temples. Judgment prescribes strict formal wear, essentially banning jeans, t-shirts for all gender, even long skirts for women and more.

The court has suo motu impleaded the state and ordered a dress code. This is making policy & laws in the guise of judgment. It is has become routine of higher judiciary in recent times.

Loksatta condemns this illegal usurpation of the power from the democratically elected people’s representatives by judiciary.

The court finds it ‘inevitable’ that Hindu temples will get dress code since other religions have one. In multi-cultural India cultures do copy each other but who is to say that will not lead to others dropping dress code? Loksatta finds it abhorrent that judiciary is trying to decide which culture will imbibe what from its sister cultures. That is for people to decide.

Surprisingly while the judgement cites practices of another religion, it cites not a single law. Loksatta wishes to remind the judiciary that its role is to enforce laws enacted by legislature & not their own personal morality.

The court has also asked temples run by private citizens, trusts etc to enforce a ‘traditional dress code’. This is an assault on the personal liberties guaranteed by constitution to citizens to form associations & practice their religion as they see fit.

Our constitution declares India a secular nation and secular states should not manage places of worship of any religion. Loksatta urges government to give up control of temples and let trusts managed by local stakeholders to run their own religious institutions.​

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