Chennai Bomb blast – Loksatta Condemns – Preventive measures and Solutions​

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 @ 7:54AM

Loksatta Party condemns the bomb blast in Chennai Central Railway station. The party expresses its condolence to the bereaved family of the deceased and wishes the injured ​,​ a speedy recovery.


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Incidents like these serve proof for the security flaws in our state and evince the complacent attitude of our state police machinery. While we all demand for a speedy investigation and arrest of the terrorists, we should also look for solutions to prevent such incidents in the future.

We shall look into the issues in Central railway station:

  • Metal detectors and other security checks are not ​taken seriously.
  • There is no serious effort taken to prevent unreserved passengers entering reserved coaches nor to prevent the entry of unauthorized people into the station.
  • Priority is not given for Information board displays, complaint numbers and CCTV cameras.
  • Unclaimed baggage ​ and ​Thrash​es​ ​are​ not promptly cleared periodically. Parcels are not promptly checked for explosives and other flammable goods.
  • There is no proper ​Emergency ​medical centre in the ​railway ​station or in ​the ​trains.

Loksatta’s recommendations to prevent such incidents in the future:

  1. We recommend that CCTV monitoring cameras be placed in public places in Chennai and in other cities in Tamil Nadu. Loksatta party is already running a campaign demanding CCTV cameras in ​Andra Pradesh and is successful in getting installed in a few places​ in Hyderabad​. The Party’s Research and Advocacy ​wing ​estimates that 3500 CCTV cameras would be required to install​ in Chennai city. The cost for this effort would be Rs 450 crore ​s​. This will greatly help in crime investigation and will lead to crime prevention as well.
  2. Though it has been announced in the railway budget that priority would be given for Safety and Security, there has been no significant improvement in security aspects because of very less funds being allocated for the same. The party demands that investment in Technology is very much required for improving the safety and security in railways.

The government gave an official announcement not to panic because of this incident. However rumours about this incident in social media caused much panic to the general public. The party demands that government should release advertisements in Television and Print media about the actions taken by the police and ​ other​ updates on the investigation. This will avoid unnecessary apprehensions among the general public.

The party demands that police reforms are implemented in the state with immediate effect to improve the overall quality of the police system.

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