A​nna Univ engineering colleges rank list is deeply flawed – Loksatta suggests corrective measures​

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 @ 9:34PM

​Loksatta Party is of the view that the rank list of Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu released recently by Anna University is flawed and suggests corrective measures to rectify the same.


Anna university has released a rank list based upon a directive from the Madras High court to publish a list based on academic performance of the colleges. The High court’s judgment is for a petition which prayed for a list to guide parents and students in the admission process to choose suitable colleges.

The current methodology used by Anna univ to arrive at the rank list is deeply flawed. Anna univ officials have prepared a list only to comply with the high court judgment without any serious intention of a list to benefit parents and students. This rank list will be considered very legitimate as it is released by Anna univ itself and there are chances that people will be misled by this rank list.

Let us look into the flaws in the current methodology. The list is prepared by ranking colleges which are listed in descending order of their pass percentage. Other factors like the number of students in the colleges, number of university rank holders in the colleges are not considered in the ranking process. For example only 11 students took the Nov 2012 semester exam from a particular college. Out of them only 3 passed and the pass percentage of 27.27% yields it a rank of 377. In the following semester exam which happened in April 2013, 9 out of 11 students from the same college passed the exam. This pass percentage of 81.72 placed it in a rank of 23 well ahead of colleges with thousands of students and with better infrastructure. In another instance, there is a college where only one student took the exam. Since the student had failed, the pass percent is 0% which placed the college in the last rank. In case if this student had passed in all the subjects, then this college would have secured first rank in the entire Tamil Nadu.

Also if pass percentage is the only criterion for ranking, colleges may focus only on examinations and there is a apprehension that they may not concentrate on soft skills development, Industrial visits, practical classes, placement trainings and so on.

Loksatta Party suggests that Anna university should take various parameters like faculty-student ratio, quality of faculty, Infrastructure and facilities, Placements, students taking higher studies, National and International recognitions, industry interface etc.. to rate the colleges.

Also instead of ranking it should grade colleges like A+, A, A-, B+, B, B- etc. in various band levels. This will motivate colleges to move from one band to another performing in multiple parameters. This kind of grading will guide parents and students to choose suitable colleges.

Even if Anna university could not accomplish these recommendations before this year’s admission process, the party requests that these suggestions be implemented by next year’s admission process.

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