Loksatta condemns the egregious welcome given to Ms J Jayalalithaa​

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 @ 10:55AM

JayalalithaaLoksatta condemns the egregious welcome given by AIADMK party men, ministers and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to Ms J Jayalalithaa on her return to Chennai on bail after being convicted in disproportionate assets case.

Loksatta recalls the welcome given to 2G scam accused Mr A Raja and Ms Kanimozhi on a similar occasion. The party members should calmly think & realise that their leaders went to jail for corruption to enrich themselves and not for a public cause.

This will result in a culture where our children forget the leaders who went to jail for public cause and celebrate criminals instead. This will affect the public morality of our future generation.

It sets a wrong precedence by publically announcing solatium for the families of those who committed suicide demanding the release of Ms. Jayalalitha. If the solatium is given out of sympathy or consolation, it could have been given without much media attention. By making this news public, we tend to glorify such suicides and there are chances that such suicides will happen in the future.

Police arrests people who protest peacefully for public causes, but is silent when public is inconvenienced by heavy traffic due to such political welcome parties. Loksatta condemns this behaviour and urges police to act against those who erected illegal hoardings in the city.​

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