International Anti-Corruption Day – Loksatta demands Right To Services act and Lok Ayukta

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 @ 9:59AM

NodollarhandshakeOn this International Anti-Corruption day, Loksatta Party demands Right To Services act, Lok Ayukta and an efficient State Information Commission in Tamil Nadu.

India ranks 85 out of 175 in the Corruption Perception Index report released by Transparency International. There is a minor improvement in the rank of India from 94 (in 2013) to 85 (in 2014). There is an increase of 2 index points in the absolute score. An paper on Economic cost of corruption in 2005, concluded that “An increase of corruption by about one index point reduces GDP growth by 0.13 percentage points”. Reduction in corruption itself will have a direct positive impact on GDP growth. Particularly for a developing economy like India, Corruption is a serious setback to the nation’s progress. Though corruption affects all the citizens, the most affected are the poorest ones. This not only contributes to the increasing inequality but also debases the faith people have in institutions.

The party wishes to point that the Right To Information act which is aimed at increasing transparency is implemented in an inefficient manner in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu State Information Commission is functioning in a lethargic manner acting against the spirit of the act.

The government has not yet implemented Lok Ayukta in the state though there is a mandate from the Lok Ayukta act 2013. The deadline to setup a Lok Ayukta is few weeks away and there is no action from the government in this regard. Tamil Nadu is the one of the few Indian states without Lok Ayukta.

The party would like to remind its demand for Right To Services act which ensures time-bound Public services and this act is in 19 states of India. The Tamil Nadu government has not even provided a proper response for our petition to implement RTS in the state.

The party demands that the government focus on system reforms to eradicate corruption and bring in good governance.

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