LPG cylinders – Implementation issues in Direct Cash transfer enrollments

Friday, December 26th, 2014 @ 6:30PM

Lok Satta Party members have observed so many implementation issues in the enrollments for Direct Cash transfer scheme for LPG cylinder connections in the field survey conducted in Salem district.

​The Direct Benefit Transfer scheme was introduced as a measure to give targeted and efficient subsidies curtailing leakages. However there are many issues in implementation of this scheme and the government is not taking any action in this regard.

The agencies are not allowing any enrollments even if there is a minor discrepancy in the names of the family heads in their Bank accounts passbook and LPG connection book. They insist for an affidavit for the name corrections and insist to take a new connection cancelling the existing one. It is to be noted that the security deposit amount for a new connection is more than the amount they had paid earlier and it is unnecessary to pay additional charges without any value-add in the service. Also the application forms are only in English and no Tamil version of the application is available making it difficult for many people to fill it without any assistance. There is a scarcity of the application forms in the agencies and people are forced to take photocopies of the forms themselves. It is also observed that if there is any complaint registered about the agency, the the agencies deliberately delay the regular LPG supply to the complainant.

The Party demands the government to resolve these implementation issues and take action on the complaints given in this regard.

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