Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is politics important? Why should I be a part of the political process?

Today politics has become dirty. Politics which ought to be the solution, has become a part of the problem. Let’s roll back 50 years before.

  • The best and brightest people embraced politics as a noble endeavour.
  • Politics was respected as a means of promoting public good.
  • There is no substitute to politics in Nation Development.
  • Liberty and freedom is not possible without political process.
  • Our government spends more than ₹5,000 crore / day. Nobody can match this money. If we spend this money transparently and wisely, India can be transformed.

The antidote to the perversion of bad politics is not no politics, but more and better politics.

2) Can good politics win elections? What are the immediate impacts good politics can bring?

There is not a single Indian who do not want India to change. But almost everybody is doubtful of our capacity to bring this change.

  • Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan, the national president of Lok Satta Party, won the elections by spending Just ₹4.5 Lakhs.
  • Lok Satta is gaining traction and is expanding. Lok Satta has significant vote share and a lot of credibility in Andhra Pradesh, where it was started. Now it has a foot print in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, New Delhi and Maharashtra. Lok Satta has good support from NRIs across world. Lok Satta is growing!
  • People are looking for change, which is evident from how they are rejecting established political parties consistently. We need to build a credible and strong alternative.
  • Good politics can change the grounds of competition among political parties. From freebies and populism, the focus can be shifted to tackling corruption, decentralization of power, education and health care.

Lok Satta is on the right side of history. We are fighting the right battle. We have to create awareness that people can change their own lives using the power of vote and that there is a direct relation between their vote and the quality of life they get. Also 20 to 25% of the educated citizens have become alienated from the political and electoral processes. We have to make them participate in the electoral process. We have to mobilize the masses for this second struggle for freedom.

3) How is Lok Satta different from other Political Parties?

Transparent Accounting

The way in which a political party raises funds and spend them determines its ability be ethical and honest. India has one of the best political funding law, created by tremendous back work of Lok Satta. The Political Funding Reform Law now provides means to honestly raise funds and run a political party.

  • Lok Satta regularly files its audited annual funds to the Election Commission of India, State Election Commission and the Income tax Department.
  • Lok Satta Party Tamil Nadu publishes monthly accounts details online.
  • In order to ensure that no funds are misused, it is the policy of Lok Satta to collect its funds by cheques / Electronic Funds Transfer, as all contribution to political parties are 100% tax free.
  • Lok Satta Constitution mandates that any sum greater than ₹5000 be only collected by cheque / EFT.

Internal Democracy

The parties which were started and built by the members of it have been hijacked by its leaders and have been converted to personal fiefdoms. The failure to establish internal democracy by law has resulted in this.

  • Lok Satta elects its party leaders through internal election.
  • Lok Satta elects its candidates through primaries.
  • Lok Satta conducts its election by an Independent Election Authority.

4) How can I contribute to Lok Satta Party?

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